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Teri Freesmeyer
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Teri Freesmeyer
Wellness Advocacy Services
Trauma Informed Self-care Support

Hello, I'm Teri Freesmeyer.

I offer holistic support tools focused on trauma survivors. This work is a great adjunct to your profession counseling team to help support more mind-body balancing. Common areas these tools and techniques help with, but not limited to are anxiousness, grief and sadness, sleep disturbances, pain, low self-esteem, focus, body awareness and more.

Here are a few tools I focus on with sexual-assault survivors for wellness and supporitvie self-care tools and techniques.  

You may contact me through your counseling advocate, if you are affiliated with a center I work with.

Or via email; terifreesmeyer@gmail.com or phone 217-899-5247 for a consultation.


Wellness and Self- Care

Wellness and self-care strategies are important aspects of sexual assault counseling.  Learning to become reacquainted with their bodies can offer healing and restorative benefits to survivors.  Wellness services help clients explore the benefits of mindfulness and body work to promote re-connection to the self through mind, body, and spirit. * *Most wellness modalities can be adapted for phone and virtual sessions as necessary

AROMATHERAPY: is the use of plant based essential oils used to relax, breathe deeper, boost mood, support sleep and for stress relief.  Session would include instructions on use, application and self-care benefits.

*Aromatherapy may also be adapted through the use of the primary senses with meditation and mindful practices for virtual sessions or those sensitive to aromatherapy, smells or allergy-sensitivity.

BODYWORK: includes various techniques of touch and movement developed to release tension, provide stress relief, decrease bodily discomfort and promote body acceptance and body awareness.  Body work may promote improved sleep and support improved mood.   Reflexology (feet), auriculotherapy (ears), acupressure (tapping), trigger point therapy, muscle relaxation, reiki, and energy balance are all methods of Body Work. 

*This service is highly adaptable. Performed full clothed either seated or on massage table or via guided meditation and no-touch client directed pressure points or postures.
MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS TRAINING: includes guided meditation, breathing practices, meditation technique training and tapping on meridian points. Offers clients strategies to learn to observe and describe thoughts and feelings with acceptance vs. judgement. Supports living more in present moment, finding positive reframes to support mood and helps neutralize repetitive thoughts. Increase self-empathy and empathy with others. May also provide digestive support, pain reduction, learning and concentration.
*Meditation practices can vary greatly. For a trauma survivor I find using creativity, mindfulness, and adaptive practices are helpful to finding ways to customize a meditation practice that work for the client. Sitting with a quiet mind is great but is not the only way to meditate.

SOUND HEALING & DRUMMING: is the use of voice vibration or instrument (tuning forks, Tibetan or crystal bowls, chimes, drumming, etc. to balance the mind/body and assist in grounding to present moment.  Enhances relaxation and release of stuck emotional, mental and physical obstacles for a deeper sense of calm and greater connection to the earth, body and heart.

*Sound is a wonderful way to help the body balance and clear tension. Sound healing is supportive in helping the mind to quiet and support the physical senses to experience relaxation, mindfulness and release excess energy among many other benefits. Various sound healing tools may be utilized to find what suits the individual client best. 

TRAUMA INFORMED YOGA and yoga practices go beyond the use of mat and postures. Clients will learn breathing techniques, adaptive postures, mantra (sound), mudra (hand postures) and other yoga practices to help integrate awareness of the mind/body/spirit for a broadened definition of wellness care.  Promotes systemic relaxation and balanced self-awareness/ Easily adapted to all fitness and flexibility levels and movement abilities.

*No yoga experience necessary. These practices are for every level of fitness or body ability as can be adapted in various ways.