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The Art of Transforming Energy
Teri Freesmeyer
Transformation Game Journeys

What is The Transformation Game?

This symbolic game of life looks at the kind of experiences you create, how you react to them and how you can change your responses to realize your highest potential and achieve your goals.

As you play, you become aware of both your personal strengths and the limitations you place on yourself.

The Game offers a stimulating, safe, supportive group setting in which openness, cooperation and sharing are encouraged. It mirrors your life with accuracy, offering clear feedback and precise insights that can help you:

  • understand patterns of stress and change non-productive habits
  • overcome depression and anxiety
  • uncover, explore and allow new possibilities in your life
  • resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • handle transitions-health, career, marriage, relationship changes
  • clarify important personal issues 
  • incorporate increased relaxation and peace of mind in everyday life
  • remove blocks to spontaneity, success, and fulfillment
  • receive love, inspiration, and support on your life path
  • transform fears and challenges with fresh insight 
  • gain awareness of your own strengths and resources
  • discover immediate direction on your next steps

All you need to play is an open mind, a sincere desire to change/grow, and willingness to explore your issues. The game is just like life, the more enthusiasm and commitment you bring to it, the more you will get back from it.



2023 Theme: Journey to the Self/Soul

WHERE: Zoom Room, see link below. Contact for payment info prior to game or for first time free seat.

FEE: $30, (add $3 for paypal)

WHEN: First Tuesday of each month (July 2023 will be Wednesday July 5th)

TIME:: 7-9pm CST


Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 865 7201 6765
Passcode: 844058

Are the monthly games recorded?

No. Monthly Games are not recorded. New Year and Mid Year Progressive Game retreats are recorded for participants. 

Can I arrive after the start time?

You can, if you have played in our community game prior. I will not guarantee I will catch you up on the process we are in but you can join in and play the remainder of the game with us or rest back and soak in what is playing out.

How can I work to deepen my game experience?

Continue to join us for the monthly game. While each game stands alone they build on the next and hold an overarching theme for the year.  A personal coaching game or series with me or attend one of the monthly personal game retreats, or contact me to organize a game for you, your group, family or partnerships.


WHERE:  HYBRID EVENT:  In Person and via ZOOM. RSVP and prepaid reservation required.

WHEN: Friday evenings. Dates vary per month. See calendar below.

TIME: 6-10pm CST

BONUS: I will be available via coaching and feedback to help you formulate a power personal playing focus.

You may use the monthly topic as guidance or create your own. I am not available for this the day of the game.

Pre-Paid Bundle: Three for $300, Three seats or three games either way

Per Retreat Fee: Save $25 by registering early.

$150 prepaid reservation required to reserve seat; $175 week of event

$125 Game Fan Club, prepaid reservation required, $150 week of event

$100 for 2023 ART Academy: Soul Sparks, prepaid reservation required; $125 week of event

   Relationship Focused Personal Game Workshop Monthly Theme Calendar

Each retreat includes a simple sound healing meditation and creative integration process along with the game.

Friday, March 24 @ 6-10pm CST "Pot of Gold": relationship to wealth, money, resources, prosperity, abundance, budgeting, self-worth, success, confidence, etc.

Friday, April 21 @ 6-10pm CST  Earth Day: Relationship to Mother Earth, planetary service, prosperity blessings

Friday,  May 12 6-10pm /Mother’s Day wknd: HER: Honoring/Healing Female Relationships: mother, daughter, sister, female figures, feminine energy

Friday June 18 6-10pm/ Fathers Day wknd: HIM: Honoring/Healing Male Relationships: father, son, brother, male figures, masculine energy

July: Mid-Game Progressive Retreat: Personal Playing Focus.  Early bird pricing receives a game goody bag. All via ZOOM. Three Tuesday eves in July. 

Aug-Dec Dates and Times TBA 

Aug: Healthy Body: Physical body relationship; health, wellbeing, food and fluids, sleep, exercise, tools, etc.

Sept: Healthy Feels: Emotional body relationship; boundaries, feeling, empathic, co-dependency, accessing and allowing, empathic wisdom

Oct: Healthy Mind: Mental body relationship; mental health, balance/R/L brain, inner dialogue,

Nov: Healthy Spirit: Spiritual body relationship; personal divine, stillness, living in a prayerful state, higher consciousness point. How big or small is your “God”?


Dec: Unity Consciousness: Relationship to all, intuition, love, unity, oneness, universe, mysteries, collective conscious, unconscious

Why do I need a Facilitator?


You don't! However, a facilitator's role is to help you with options and game specifics. My particular gift with The Game is keen insight and the ability to connect your game in aspects you may not come up with yourself. I have studied and trained with Joy Drake, creator of The Transformation Game.  My unique ability is to adapt the game on many different levels and intuitively share and open new perspectives. The interaction and feedback is a helpful part of integrating your game into your life. My background in Energy and BodyWork also provides additional tools to assist your process. I may be the Facilitator, but you create your "game".

Visit www.innerlinks.com to purchase games and other support material or to draw and angel or mentor card.