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The Art of Transforming Energy is the original name of my private practice. This began as coaching and workshops while working full time in the spa industry. My background in cosmetology, massage therapy, body treatments and Spa Director and company-wide trainer, led me to develop personal and professional skills and a desire for continuing education and exploration. 

My innate intuitive gifts began to come awake again through this career. My gift of personal services utilizing Intuitive Integrative Transformational Bodywork is a culmination of over 30+years of massage and bodywork, energy medicine and a variety of metaphysical tools, skills and gifts. I have trained, taught and facilitated healing arts practices, inspirational coaching and holistic arts my whole life. 

Every session, be it on phone or zoom, in person or in group settings will be customized. If you have a particular service you are interested in, please specify when booking. For example, if you know you want massage and bodywork, do not want aromatherapy, etc. 

If you are not sure...that is completely okay too. We will have a conversation. I ask permission to ask my higher self and guidance to be guided by your higher self and guidance, and we go from there. This has been by far my best business practice and I trust the process and the guidance I receive. Thank you for being willing to travel this path with me.


BASIC SERVICE FEES: (prices as of Sept 2022)

One hour $110

Hour and half $160

Two Hour $210

*Additional services and add-ons by consultation.

Consecutive standing weekly appointments perk offered for $10 off.


WEEKLY SCHEDULE IN PERSON & ZOOM: additional hours available by consultation

Monday- Thursday 11am-8pm CST



Medical Intuitive Consult & Session: suggested 3 session series, pre-paid discount: $400

These can be done in person, zoom, phone, distantly or combination.

Scheduled intuitively 2-4 weeks apart.

First session is 1 ½-2 hrs. including consult and pre appt intuitive reading….  $210

Session 2, 1 hour …….$110,

Session 3, 1 hour……..$110

Pre-paid discount $30


ZOOM COACHING SERIES: Phone or Zoom only

Series Sessions: Coaching, Energy Reading & Balancing, Art Processing pre-paid discount.

Sessions can be shared and gifted to friends and family but must be used within the guidelines time frame. 

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Individual Session= $110

Weekly Series 4/$75each =$300

Weekly Series 8/$75each=$600

Bi-weekly 4/$80each=$320

Series of 4/monthly @$90=$360


Excellent for inner child work, metaphysical teaching, exploration, self-care, empowerment, grief or the state in between when you are moving from one area of being to another and need support.


INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: For Intuitive Integrative bodywork: hands on or distance, Energy Medicine and Balancing or Sound Healing.

-Individual and small private group (couple, family, parent-child) can include intuitive integrative bodywork, Mindful Movement Awareness & Restorative Yoga* for nervous system balance, yoga practices, sound healing, mediation and mindfulness, aromatherapy and flower essence, chakra reading and balancing, energy work, energy readings, and coaching formats.

*A blended awareness, practical, and guided bodywork that pulls from multiple sources of practical skills and education, meditation, mindfulness and bodywork modalities; along with a few specialized treatment such as prenatal, manual lymphatic drainage, trigger point and auriculotherapy. The core is to promote a non-judgment zone of safety and focused awareness through the body and energy field which offers the nervous system an opportunity to regulate. The outcome of this practice has hands-down been the pivotal piece of keeping myself and my clients going through a pandemic, life happenings, and healing on multiple levels beyond the physical bodywork modalities.



All practices can be done via zoon or phone with adaptions

All energy readings and coaching will be done via zoom or phone.

Blended sessions by consultation. Contact me to determine our best course of connection for our work together. Virtual sessions can be recorded for you to download on your own device.


I offer intuitive and transformational bodywork and coaching using a variety of metaphysical skills and holistic arts. I use holistic, physical, energy and intuitive resources to customize your session and make the most of our time together.


How I work? I ask my higher self and guidance, with your permission to ask your higher self and guidance what I may need to know, offer or bring forward in the session to meet your goals, needs or challenge. I receive information in a variety of ways through intuitive, psychic and mediumistic gifts and training. Empathic awareness and messages as well as felt sense. I am trained as a Shamanic Minister and Breathwork Facilitator, Trauma Informed Yoga and Spiritual/ Soul Coach.

Suggested yet optional:  Prior to your appointment time, please consider or jot down 1-3 items of focus to be sure we cover the things most important for you at this time. If bodywork is a primary desire or energy work such as Reiki or Chakra reading or balancing, for example, it would be helpful so we can plan your session time accordingly.

Thank you for following the referral to contact me. I work only by referral, so always appreciate those who share my information and those who are called to and courageous to explore this realm of work.


Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.




CLIENT GUIDELINES: Updated Spring 2022

Please review before attending in-person sessions or classes.

Due to the ongoing changes in state and local guidelines, I continue to refine standard operating procedures for individual session and classes, including: check-in, limiting number of people in person at one time, cleaning procedures and scheduling. Intuition has been my operating procedure all along and has served well. For the time being, masks are required for all in person sessions, with subject to change and based on service guidelines.

Please be fully informed of the risks in attending sessions during the global pandemic and this extended duration of life acclimating to post-pandemic waves. While I am taking precautions to provide the safest environment possible for my practice, my clients, and our families, you agree to take responsibility to add to our community safety by agreeing to all the guidelines, and will not hold Teri Freesmeyer or Art of Transforming Energy responsible for risks involved.

ANYONE NEEDING PAYMENT OPTIONS: This MUST be arranged prior to booking any appointment. We will discuss a plan and what serves both parties. If you do not make these arrangements with me prior your service fee will be due in full at time of appointment to ensure service is booked.

A $25 late fee PER WEEK will be added and service has 30 days to be paid in full.

I am happy to work with those who may be called to may work yet the service fee is a stopping point. I am also a small business owner with responsibilities of my own and boundaries and adulting, while not always easy are required.


Masks may continue to be required at all times. I will use my intuitive guidance and discernment accordingly.. Face down on treatment table you are invited to lower the mask.

You may wish to bring your own water bottle for your comfort and to eliminate excess plastic bottles.

Bathroom is available with paper towels or hand towel.

Sessions times will be kept to frame of session to allow sanitizing and preparing the space.

  1. Wear a clean, appropriate mask to and for your appt.
  2. Feel free to bring your own personal water bottle and sanitizer if you wish. I will have sanitizer and hand washing supplies on hand, as well as filtered or bottled water to drink. Trying to minimize plastic bottled as much as possible however it is an option.
  3. Text when you arrive in parking lot and I will buzz you to come up when ready, i.e. sanitized and room prepared, door unlocked and mask in place to greet you.
  4. If you are or have been sick, Please Reschedule.If you live, work or have been around someone who is sick, please reschedule. If you have COVID related symptoms OR other contagious illness, please cancel and follow the testing, isolation and quarantine guidelines before you rebook.
  5. If you have traveled to hot spot areas, please follow the testing and isolation/ quarantined guidelines before scheduling your appointment.
  6. Thank you for following this and contacting to reschedule as soon as possible if need be. 
  7. I continue to offer your session can be done online or phone. 
  8. Thank you for your patience, continued support of my work and practice now and in the future as we navigate these new procedures and protocols. 

Blessings and see or speak with you soon,

Teri! Freesmeyer